Friday, May 22, 2020

Hector v.s Paris Rivalry in The Liad - 1124 Words

Throughout time, sibling have had to deal with sibling rivalry. It is been seen even as far back as the 7th or 8th century b.c.e when homer wrote the epic poem, The Iliad. In the Iliad, Homer showed us a huge sibling rivalry between the two brother Hector and Paris. He focus on these two men that both want to become a great legacy and hero. Homer’s comparison of these to characters shows there drive to become the better man. Through all of there rivalries, which include but are not limited to family, behaviour in battle, and how they relate to the gods, Hector shows that he is the more honourable man. Hector has a family and the way that he shows his compassionate relationship with his family is more honourable then the way that Paris†¦show more content†¦Now, mother, go to the queen of plunders shrine and Ill go hunt for Paris, summon him to fight if the man will hear what I have to say . . .† (lines 312-32) The fact that he is so dedicated to the good of the people to not concern himself with his health, while may be ill-advised it shows that he is devoted to his job. On the other hand Paris is portrayed as more of a lover since book three when he was not only whisked away from the fight with Menelaus but also a favourite of Aphrodite While love is important, if you do not have a good balance of love and ability to fight you will not be able to become an honourable man. Hector find the proper balance but Paris still thinks that he can succeed with only love. The god have had a huge impact on the way that Paris and Hector interact with the world around them. For example the affection that Aphrodite has towards Paris gave him an advantage when in the fight with Menelaus. â€Å" but Aphrodite, Zeus’s daughter quick to the mark snapped the rawhide strap. cut from a bludgeoned ox, and the helmet came off empty in Menelaus’ fist. Whirling it round the higher sent it flyi ng into his argives scrambling fast to retrieve it- back at his man he sprang, enraged with brazen spear, mad for the kill but Aphrodite snatched Paris away.† (lines 433-9). When Aphrodite spirited him away before he could fight Menelaus and loose it gave him an

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